Sonokinetic: Trailer Voice 2, The Scripts WAV
Sonokinetic: Trailer Voice 2, The Scripts WAV | 1 GB
  • Sonokinetic proudly presents the amazing follow up to the original Trailer Voice. Trailer Voice 2 is a dedicated completely new collection of powerful, dramatic and authentic Voice-Over cues. Nowhere will you find a better selection of pre-recorded Movie Trailer style cues for your next project. Trailer Voice 2 was written by an award winning professional screenwriter and recorded by 4 amazingly talented, trained and highly experienced Voice-Over Artists. This is truly a one of a kind collection! This one of a kind project deepens and expands on the original collection of Trailer Voice with this totally new collection called “The Scripts”. Trailer Voice “The Scripts” will expand your cinematic experience or any project you are working on. This production covers four dramatic themes that will provide you spine chilling and produced generic recordings with a variety of emotion and feeling.

Trailer Voice 2 - The Scripts by sonokinetic

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Sonokinetic: Trailer Voice WAV ISO
Sonokinetic Trailer Voice WAV-MAGNETRiXX | 1.94GB

We’re proud to present,Voice over cues for promos, trailers, event introductions, dvd and cd presentations, sports events, launches, epic entries, teasers, world premiers, song enhancement and more impressive narrative moments.

TrailerVoice by sonokinetic

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SOUND IDEAS - Underwater Sound Effects Library

500 Sound Effects Library | 1.7 GB | FILE LIST PDF

  • Underwater Series Sound Effects Collection offers 500 royalty free sound effects in stereo audio on 3 Audio CDs as well as in 16/44.1 broadcast wav files on DVD ROM. The library is also available as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats. The majority of these sound effects were recorded from an underwater perspective using a pair of state-of-the-art B & K hydrophones. The underwater sounds include a variety of Scuba effects, swimming and diving sounds, boating, jet ski and hot tub effects, underwater ambiences, Foley, dry ice and bubbles, ice cracks, surf and beach sounds, oxygen tanks, sinking ships, avalanches, lava and explosions, water pours and splashes, waterfalls, spear gun and torpedo FX, sonar, hits and impacts, household sounds like washing machines, bathtubs and toilets, and also includes people screaming underwater. All of the wav files come complete with sound effect descriptions, categories and other library information stored within the files and are MAC and PC compatible. This sound effects collection is the exact opposite of high and dry – Underwater Series Sound Effects.
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Position Music - Production Music Series All PMS001-095 (MP3)Position Music - Production Music Series All PMS001-095 (MP3)
MP3, 192-320 kbps, stereo | 12 GB

The Position Music - Production Music Series was born in 2004. The series is rooted in Hip-Hop, Electronic and Rock, and is constantly expanding to cover more ground. The production music is created by high quality, very credible artists and producers.
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Sonokinetic - Trailer Voice Bundle Vol.1-2-3 + Sci Fi DVD

Sonokinetic - Trailer Voice Bundle Vol.1-2-3 + Sci Fi DVD
Voice Samples | DVD-ISO | format: WAV, MP3 | PDF Guide | 6.43 GB


  • Sonokinetic: Trailer Voice Bundle (vol. 1, vol. 2, vol.3, Sci-Fi) - Create emotive and powerful trailer-style voiceovers for your videos. Use famous lectors voice sentences from scripts delivered with the release. You can combine them freely using any audio editor for your needs..
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Arroway textures wood Vol. 2 - Exotic Veneers

Arroway Textures Wood Volume 2 - Exotic Veneers (Compact version)

333 JPG (111 colored textures) | PDF Catalog | min.4500x388 ~ max.4500x6632 | 2.21 Gb
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Producing and Selling Vector Stock
English | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x700, 30,00 fps | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | RAR 554 MB
Genre: Video Training
  • Think you’re ready to start selling vector stock art? Illustrating for stock and selling your work on sites such as GraphicRiver can be very rewarding, whether you’re doing it for fun, for extra income, or as a full-time job. But there’s a lot more to it than simply uploading some files then kicking back and watching the money roll in. Cheryl Graham gives you an in depth guide to the world of selling vector stock and to best prepare and submit your vector art for sale. Cheryl will walk you through the entire sale process and get you up and running.
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3D World Issue 123, Shade's Key Features Tutorial | 680 MB
Genre: Video Training

Welcome to the disc for 3D World 123.
This issue's line-up is led by the full version of Shade 8.5 Professional, as sold for $899.

Mac and Windows versions are provided, and there are details on how you can save on the latest version.

We've also got a tutorial showing some of Shade's key features.
The disc also includes models from TurboSquid, DAZ Productions and Vanishing Point, along with

textures from TextureSpace and sound effects from soundscalpel.

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49 3ds, dwg files | RAR 93 MB

  • Brand FLOU, declared themselves on the market in 1978, is the undisputed leader in the production of bedroom furniture and related accessories. All products FLOU, has an amazing ability to organically integrate with any interior, creating an atmosphere in the bedroom melody of calm and comfort. The interior of the Kingdom of Sleep "from designers FLOU beckons with its enormous duvets, comfortable mattresses and pillows fantastic, from contact with whom you immediately get into the arms of Morpheus ruler of dreams, forgetting about all the troubles of the day. FLOU - a joy, is a world in which my instincts, a gift of nature, are in harmony with the established comfort!
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Storm Type Foundry

72 Great Fonts | TTF & OpenType | 45.7 MB
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Acrom Family Font - The Northern Block
Acrom Family Font - The Northern Block
The font can be tamed utilising the set of alternative characters available within the typeface. Details include 500 characters, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.
OTF | 10 MB
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Newspaper 19 TTF Fonts

Newspaper Fonts
42 Fonts | TTF | PNG & JPG Preview | RAR 13 MB

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Fontfabric Fonts Collection, 100 TTF & ITF

Fontfabric Fonts Collection
100 Fonts | TTF & OTF | 13 MB

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FontExpert 2011, v11.0 Release 2 Font Manager for Windows

FontExpert 2011, v11.0 Release 2 Font Manager for Windows
Proxima Software releases FontExpert 2011 Version 11.0 Font Manager for Windows 
 FontExpert 2011 version 11.0 is new release incorporating many improvements, new features, and 
fixes.  11.0 font manager for Windows. This release incorporates many new enhancements including: 
• Support to multiline face sample text in the Main view; 
• Support to Unicode-named fonts; 
• Option to turn off info-tips in the Main view; 
• "Full Name" property of Type 1 fonts in Properties view; 
• Database Search - search by Caption; 
• Backup - the backup file now can exceed 4 GB; 
• Other enhancements. 
The complete list and description of new features can be found in the release notes for the product, 
found on the company’s website, 
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The Adobe Type Collection - OpenType Edition

The Adobe Type Collection - OpenType Edition
The Adobe® Type Collection gives new versatility to creative professionals. This new version adds over 200 designs and offers the power and convenience of the OpenType font format. Print, Web, video or any other creative project... Nothing is outside the realm of the Adobe Type Collection, OpenType Edition.
OTF | 196 Mb
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CG Artist Grass Textures
CG Artist - Grass Textures
66 UHQ JPG Texture Images | Up to 6150x6150 Pixels | 305 MB
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9 Models for Poser/Dazz | 252 MB
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RenderKing: VRay Texture Pack

RenderKing: VRay Texture Pack

RenderKing: VRay Texture Pack
Cinema 4D: R12 // R13 // VRay | 715 MB

  • 50 textures ranging from minerals to metals, from organic to plastic, you will find a wide choice of SSS materials such as you’ve never seen. VRAY TEXTURE PACK vray is the best solution to make rendering more real than reality, or ….. real incredible!

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Ramon Zancaro’s “The G-Spot of the Bed and Art”
Ramon Zancaro’s “The G-Spot of the Bed and Art” | RAR 585.60 MB


  • Complete 3D file with all the setups for lights, Materials etc;
  • All the textures;
  • All the Post production images in PSD format for you to study;
  • 2 presets for render, one utilised on the scene (VERY High settings) and one alternative.
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R&D Group iGrass Vol.1

Texture: present | vray .max | 809 Mb
  • The collection consists of more than 30 species of herbs and wild plants. Vlyuchaet 15 ready scenes for use in conjunction with MultiScatter. Model can be used without MultiScatter.
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2700 3D Models | RAR size 18.6 GB < 50 GB unRAR size
This group of models, with limited access, higher quality from the other models. “Profi” model is only author and a unique model. “PROFI” model – the high polygonal model, superimposed with the correct materials and customized textures. Distinct and qualitatively rendered preview.
  • Furniture: Wardrobe & Display cabinets/Sofa/Table/Chair/Other/Bed/Sideboard & Chest of drawer/Office furniture/Other soft seating/Arm chair/Table + Chair
  • Lighting: Ceiling light/Wall light/Floor lamp/Table lamp/Spot light/Street and technical lighting
  • Kitchen: Tableware/Kitchen/Kitchen appliance/Other kitchen accessories
  • Childroom: Full furniture set/Bed/Table + Chair/Wardrobe/Toy/Miscellaneous
  • Bathroom: Wash basin/Toilet & Bidet/Bathtub & Shower cubicle/Bathroom furniture/Tap & Towel radiator/Bathroom accessories
  • Decoration: Decorative plaster/Plant/Other decorative objects/Sculpture/Curtain/Mirror/Frame/Vase
  • Technology: PCs & Other electrics/Household appliance/Miscellaneous
  • Architecture: Building/Other architectural elements
  • Other Models: Billiards/Creature/Miscellaneous/Transport/Weaponry/Window & Door/Fire place & Radiator/Staircase/Shop/Musical instrument/Beauty salon/Restaurant/Sports
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