Photoreal Earth 3D Model

Photoreal Earth 3D Model

format max | 4km-resolution | all maps | instructions | 294 Mb

Interior Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max and VRay

Interior Illumination with 3ds Max and VRay

format PDF | 2010 | 33 pages | scenes & textures | 1.68 Gb

This five part series will focus on the topic of setting up a variety of lighting rigs that reflect natural lighting at different times of the day and manmade interior lighting. Each of the chapters will use the same base scene as a starting point, and will show a step by step guide to finding a lighting and rendering solution that best reflects the desired lighting situation.
The tutorials will explain the type of lights used and how to set up the parameters along with talking about the different methods of tackling the subject. The manipulation of textures may also be covered in order to turn a daylight scene into night scene for example. The artists will also look at some useful post production techniques in Photoshop in order to enhance a final still.

Guthrie Panoramic Exterior HDRI Maps

Guthrie Panoramic Exterior HDRI Maps
format HDRI & EXR | 5 panoramas | 7094x3547 | backplates | 812 Mb

Day & Night Highrise Residental Building Scene

3DS Max - Day & Night Highrise Residential Scenes
format max | V-Ray | proxy | textures | 458 Mb

Hard Surface & Inorganic Poly Modeling 3dsMax Training

Hard Surface & Inorganic Polygonal Modeling in 3dsMax
format FLV & MOV | English | 1280x784 | Samples | 1.06 Gb

This set of tutorials are presented by the 3D Artist and modeller Grant Warwick. The videos cover of modeling tips that orientate around hard surface modelling in 3ds Max. They focus on working in Editable Poly mode and all the associated tools and show how this technique can be combined with TurboSmooth to create polished models. Accompanying this is an explanation on how to reorganise topology in order to create clean and tidy meshes using the various Sub-D Object tools. In Three Part Video Tutorial Series - hard suface modeling guru Grant Warwick takes viewers through the tools, techniques and understandings of achieving various inorganic modeling forms.

Professional Digital Compositing

Professional Digital Compositing

format PDF | resource DVD | 480 pages | English | 2.97 Gb

After filming is done, digital compositors move in to manipulate color, retouch, and perform other behind-the-scenes tricks that are necessary to improve or finalize movies, games, and commercials. Now you can learn their secrets with this one-of-a-kind guide to digital compositing. Professional animator and author Lee Lanier not only draws upon his own experience, he has also combed some of Hollywood's most active post-production houses in search of the best solutions. Learn valuable techniques, tricks, and more. Software used: Nuke and After Effects.

Sand & ground textures

Sand & ground textures

123 JPEG | ~3500x2300 | 302 Mb

Interior & Exterior Panoramic HDRI Maps

Interior & Exterior Panoramic HDRI Maps
format HDR | 10 panoramas | 296 Mb

Classic & Modern Interior Scenes

Classic & Modern Interior Scenes
format max | 20 scenes | VRay | textures | 486 Mb

Florabella actions for Photoshop

Florabella actions for Photoshop
format ATN | 6 Mb

Set of actions to create a black and white photos, vintage photos and pictures in a retro style and actions for adding popular film effects.

Gnomon Workshop - Multi-Pass Compositing with 3ds Max

Gnomon Workshop Multi-Pass Compositing with 3ds Max and Fusion - Reupload

format MOV | 1024x768 | English | 260 Minutes of Lecture | 645 Mb

In this lecture, Tim breaks down the process of rendering passes out of 3ds Max and demonstrates how to composite them together in Digital Fusion. Learn how to generate many different types of passes and how they are used in production. Identify and correct commonly occurring issues, from incorrect matte edges to bit depth and color correction. Acquire an understanding of what happens under the hood inside your 3D software and how to mimic that behavior while compositing to produce the highest quality renders. Tim demonstrates his techniques using Scanline, VRay and Brazil.

Education 3dsMax Books & Resources

Education 3ds Max Books & Resources | 1.8 Gb

Education 3ds Max Books & Resources includes 16 books on 3ds max, allowing to examine virtually all aspects of the program. Also, the books 3ds Max 9 Bible, 3ds Max 2008 Bible and Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and mental enclosed CD with additional scenes and textures resources.

Interior Design Living Room Scenes Vol.4

Interior Design Living Room Scene Vol.4
format max | VRay | textures | 489 Mb

Beauty & Hair Retouching High End Techniques Series Two

Beauty & Hair Retouching High End Techniques Series Two
format MP4 | 1280x720 | English | 11h.30min. | 8.69 Gb

Completely new, updated and greatly expanded, Beauty & Hair Retouching High End Techniques - Series Two is hosted by the world renowned retouching artist, Natalia Taffarel. She is famous for her natural and completely seamless retouching style that is all about beauty and details. She leaves nothing a secret and holds nothing back as she explains in great detail her entire workflow and techniques, all the things she is famous for, her beauty and hair work. Natalia has a huge following and her DVD has been greatly anticipated by the retouching community for years and now, the wait is finally over.

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 (x64/x86)

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 (x64/x86) | 2.08 Gb

Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 - the new version of onOne Software award winning product suite offers the best new tools for photographers. This major upgrade introduces completely new products Perfect Portrait and Perfect Effects, Perfect Mask, the next generation of Mask Pro, Perfect Layers, in addition to favorites Perfect Resize, FocalPoint and PhotoFrame. And now, you can move effortlessly between applications, for a smoother and faster workflow.

IceTheme Complete Joomla Site Templates

IceTheme Complete Joomla Templates & Extensions

43 Templates | Joomla 1.5 ~ 1.7 | PSD | SQL | 1.2 Gb

Industry Graphics Panoramic Interior HDRI Maps

Industry Graphics Panoramic Interior HDRI Maps
24 interior panoramas | format HDR | 1.19 Gb

This collection of panoramic images is to create realistic reflections and lighting in 3D scenes. They are 360 degree full sphere HDRIs. All HDRI are available in four different mappings (Fisheye/Lightprobe, P-Sphere, vertical cube and horizontal cube) and every format in three different resolutions.

Dosch Viz Images: Business People

Business People on transparent background

format TGA | ~1000x1500 | 360 Mb

Interior Design - Complete 3ds Max Scenes

38 Complete Interior Design Scenes

format MAX | textures | V-Ray | 272 Mb

Marlin Studio - Roof Seamless Textures

Marlin Studio Roof Seamless Textures
format JPEG | ~1900x1900 | seamless | 352 Mb

Tiled Wall Textures

Tiled Wall Textures
25 TIF | ~3000x2000 | 410 Mb

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