VRay Architecture Materials Bundle

VRay Interior & Architecture Materials Bundle

format mat | JPEG Previews | 300 materials for VRay | textures | 442 Mb

Total Textures Volume 18 - Sky Textures

Total Textures Volume 18 - Sky Textures

format JPEG & TIFF | 101 individual images | manuals in HTML | 3.76 Gb

Total Textures Volume 18 Sky Textures - is a collection of high resolution panorama textures that can be applied to a sky dome and are set up ready to work within such a 3D environment. Due to their huge size (over 17,000 x 5,000) they can alternatively be used as a background pass in 3D render composites or even mapped onto a plane. They incorporate different weather conditions ranging from stormy and overcast to clear and sunny and have also been taken at different times of the day from the morning through to afternoons and sunset.

Industry Graphics - Wood Textures

Industry Graphics Wood Textures

format TIFF | 200 textures | ~1500x1500 | 1.17 Gb

Office Furniture 3D Models

Office Furniture 3D Models

format MAX & DWG | materials in MAT | PDF catalogs | 950 Mb

Dream land furniture models
Dream land furniture models
57 models in max format | 248 Mb

Kelbytraining Portrait Retouching Tutorials
Portrait Retouching Tutorials (Kelbytraining)
MPEG4 Video | English | 854x480 | 528 Mb

Portrait Retouching Tutorials (Kelbytraining)
MPEG4 Video | English | 854x480 | 528 Mb

This DVD includes everything you need to retouch beauty, portrait, and fashion shots, like a pro! Beauty Photographer & Digital Artist, David Cuerdon, not only teaches you the retouching techniques he has mastered in his 30 year career, he gives you the actual tools he uses to produce his award-winning images! This is an actual retouching kit, a tool box, not just a collection of tutorials. You have all the Photoshop tools that David uses is in his work, including brushes, color swatches, actions, textures, custom shapes, and more.

Classic Style - Interior Furniture Models

Classic Interior Furniture 3ds Max Models

format max | textures | VRay | 675 Mb

Tensun3D 3dsMax Tutorials

Tensun3D 3ds Max Tutorials Pack
format AVI | 1000760 | Interior Sample Scene | 1.66 Gb

Motion Capture Database (BVH, BIP, CVH)

Motion Capture Database

formats BVH, BIP, CVH | over 600 presets | 670 Mb

Antique maps illustrations

Antique maps illustrations

10 JPEG & 1 PNG | ~3600x3600 | 225 Mb

Opended Living Room Interior Scenes

Opended Living Room Interior Scenes

format max | 9 scenes | VRay | textures | 684 Mb

Bathroom & bedroom interior scenes

Scenes of bedrooms and bathrooms in hotels

7 scenes in max format | V-Ray | textures | 214 Mb

B&B Italia - Interior Design Furniture Models

B&B Italia Furniture 3D Models for Interior Design

formats: max, dxf, dwg | 51 models | 2.38 Gb

Karl Taylor - Complete Photography Training

Karl Taylor - Complete Photography Training
English | AVI | 5.8 Gb

With a successful career in commercial and advertising photography, Karl Taylor was often asked if he would teach photography courses helping others to shoot better pictures. He soon realised that passing on his knowledge to others through his digital photography courses could be a rewarding and enjoyable endeavour. Having assembled a “dream team” of photography tutors Karl Taylor Photography now offers photography courses in a range of disciplines. With several professional photographers offering their combined wisdom and years of knowledge to every student that passes through the photography studio doors, our photo courses are simply unrivalled.

Interior Design Wallpaper Textures Vol.1 
Interior Wallpaper Textures

1500 textures | ~500x500 | 280 Mb

Gnomon Workshop Rendering Techniques with Jeff Patton

Gnomon Workshop - 3ds Max Rendering Techniques with Jeff Patton

format MPEG4 | English | 1024x768 | over 8 hours | 3.74 Gb
In this series of videotutorials examines in detail the various methods of working with tools 3ds max. In particular, Jeff Patton shows many techniques that will ensure quality results in the light of objects, interiors and exteriors. Also discussed in detail the mental Ray render settings to achieve maximum photo-realistic result.

Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max and VRay

Exterior Vray Lighting Scenes & Tutorials
scenes in max | PSD post-work | tutorials in PDF | English | 480 Mb

Exterior Lighting with 3ds Max & VRay is an outdoor illumination eBook that focuses on lighting a base scene under very different atmospheric conditions. The tutorial covers how to build a light rig and set up the renderer to portray an environment, which includes fog/mist, sunrise/sunset, moonlight, midday sun and overcast. Throughout the five chapters Andrzej Sykut provides a step-by-step account of how the scene can be transformed into one of the above environments, encompassing a range of techniques that will present a comprehensive insight into both lighting and rendering exterior scenes.

ThemeForest Multiple Premium WordPress Themes

ThemeForest Multiple Premium WordPress Themes

10 WP Themes | PHP | HTML | Fonts | PSD | 407 Mb

Living Room Interior Scenes Vol.3

Living Room Interior Scenes Vol.3

10 scenes in 3d max format | VRay | textures | 235 Mb

Interior scenes for 3dsMax & VRay

Interior scenes for 3ds Max & VRay

20 scenes in max | textures | VRay | 850 Mb

Cafe & Restaurant 3D Interior Scenes

Cafe & Restaurant 3d Max Interior Scenes

12 scenes in max format | textures | 238 Mb

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