Aurora Graphics - Duo Chrome Print & Cut

Aurora Graphics - Duo Chrome Print & Cut

Over 600 UHQ RGB  Images | HQ-JPG + cutpath | RAR size:1.32 GB
Promised and delivered, just like and Santa Claus allways do Christmas came early at, enjoy!
Duo Chrome includes 30 different graphic shapes in 9 unique effects each. These 9 effects are stored as high res print/cut ready .pdf files.Additionally we included the same 9 combinations plus 2 more (drop shadow and transparent 3D) saved out on the DVD as transparent .tiff! That's 270 print / cut ready graphics, 330 transparent .tiff graphics for a grand total of 600 graphic files. Get 3-Dimensional today!

Veer Fancy FAN2008630 Winter Family Sports


Veer Fancy FAN2008630 Winter Family Sports

90 UHQ JPG Images | 5400x3600 Pixels | 563 MB

Colors in Japanese Style 6xCDs 720 Backgrounds - Datacraft Sozaijiten

Datacraft Sozaijiten: Colors in Japanese Style 6xCDs
JC01 Miyavi - JC02 Hana - JC03 Ryo - JC04 Rei - JC05 Mon - JC06 Iwai
Total 720 RGB JPEG Images 3.87 GB and 4175x2976 Pixels resolution

OJO Images OJ005 Hospital Medics

OJO Images OJ005 Hospital Medics

93 UHQ JPG Images | Up to 5115x3412 Pixels | 111 MB

37 CDROMs | Total 30 GB
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OJO Images OJ035 Baby Love

OJO Images OJ035 Baby Love

100 UHQ JPG Images | 5310x3292 Pixels | 815 MB

BananaStock BNS198 Winter Friends

BananaStock BNS198 Winter Friends
149 UHQ JPG Professional Images | €699 | 5615x3736 Pixels | 470 MB

BananaStock BNS150 Family Christmas
BananaStock BNS150 Family Christmas
 116 UHQ JPG Images | 5367x3910 Pixels | 483 MB

BananaStock BNS119 Christmas Details
BananaStock BNS119 Christmas Details

79 UHQ JPG Professional Images | 5184x4108 Pixels | 306 MB

BananaStock BNS043 Fast Food
BananaStock BNS043 Fast Food
83 JPG | ~5000x4000 | 108.8 Mb

BananaStock BNS062 New Home

BananaStock BNS062 New Home
99 UHQ JPG Images |  5375x3900 Pixels | 364 MB

BananaStock BNS154 Industry

BananaStock BNS154 Industry NEW!
 155 UHQ JPG Images | 5772x3815 Pixels | 515 MB

BananaStock BNS047 Healthstyle

BananaStock BNS047 Healthstyle
131 UHQ JPG Images | 5430x3962 Pixels | 505 MB

BananaStock BNS023 Mum Dad & Me

BananaStock BNS023 Mum, Dad & Me

100 UHQ JPG Images | 4535x3035 Pixels | 380 MB

Visual Language Library
12 CD | 930 UHQ-HQ JPG, TIFF Images | Total Size 4.4 GB 
Antique Maps of the World 1520-1680
Antique Maps of the World 1680-1898
Antique Celestial Charts & Illustrations 1680-1880
Extraordinary Cartographic Motifs
Antique Maps of the Continents and Regions
 Antique Floral Illustrations 1640-1884
Antique Botanical Illustrations 1640-1900
Art of Anatomy 1513-1879
Liquid Silk
Antique Science and Technology
Victorian Scrapbook Treasures I
Victorian Scrapbook Treasures II

StockDisc SD116 DIY
160 RGB JPEG Images with selection paths | 6273x4178 Pixels | 324 MB

Sachform HDRIbase Vol.1 & Vol.2

Spherical Panoramas with Environment Lighting and Reflection Maps
Producer: Sachform Technology - HDR with JPEG 3000x1500 Resolution 2 CD's | Compressed to 828 MB
  • The Germany-based company Sachform, founded by 3D freelancer Jan Häusle, created an impressive series of high quailty spherical panorama photos, covering the complete viewing angles from 0 to 360 degrees in all directions. The seamlessly looping environment photos were taken at several different light exposures in order to prepare them for being combined into a high-resolution HDRI bitmap of 3000 x 1500 pixels. The resulting two image collections by the name of HDRIbase are for sale independently or bundled at Each collection offers 40 different environments.

LiveSurface Shift Image Library


LiveSurface Shift Image PSD Library
Layered PSD Templates & AI Vector Templates | RAR 730 MB
  • Presenting LiveSurface Shift Image PSD Library: finished photographic images from your flat artwork in seconds. Includes Outdoor Series Starter Set and Object, Series Starter Set and Visualize. As you develop design concepts, cut and paste your flat Illustrator or Photoshop artwork into a LiveSurface layered image to quickly visualize and evaluate the concept on real surfaces without having to build comps. 
  • Present. Save LiveSurface images as Photoshop files with transparency and then place them into an Illustrator, InDesign, or Quark document for use in a PDF design presentation. Or, take advantage of their high-resolution to print them for presentation boards. 
  • Publish. Build final high-resolution images and save them out for use in advertising, print, or online publication (some images restricted): book cover shots for an online store, packaging photos for a software catalog, or CD album cover and disc images for the press.
  • All un-compressed so you can sample whats included or pick and choose, your choice.

Polka Dot Images ITF279 Dawn & Dusk
Polka Dot Images ITF279 Dawn & Dusk
90 RGB JPG | 6271x4180 | 238 MB

Polka Dot Images ITF139 Bugs
Polka Dot Images ITF139 Bugs
85 RGB JPG | 5120x5120 | 419 MB

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