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Insigne – Jeremy Dooley Fonts
150 | TTF + OTF | 28.1 Mb

Vintage Lithographs - Josephine Ducollet 12xJPGs

Vintage Lithographs - Josephine Ducollet
12 UHQ JPG Images | 5315x6851 Pixels | 70 MB

Vintage Birds Celebration Cards 88xJPGs

Vintage Birds Celebration Cards
88 HQ JPG Scans | 5315x8547 Pixels | 118 MB

Lavel Swimwear 2013 - Anna Maria Sobolewska

Lavel Swimwear 2013 - Anna Maria Sobolewska
139 HQ JPG Images | 2544x1697 | 304 MB

Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images
Focus: Love: Your World, Your Images

Publisher: Lark Books; 1 edition (March 2, 2010)

Language: English | ISBN-10: 1600595634 | ISBN-13: 978-1600595639

180 Pages HQ PDF | 80 MB

  • Every unique photograph begins with an original point of view
  • The first book in a brand-new photographic series—shot mostly by amateurs—about seeing the world from a brand-new perspective!

  • Amateurs, by definition, work for love alone—so what subject could be more fitting for the first entry in a brand-new series focusing on the art of the amateur photographer than that potent symbol of love: the heart?  Through their snapshot-hungry eyes, these photographers glimpse hearts everywhere: in graffiti scrawled on an alleyway wall, in paper cut by a child, and in nature’s worn stones scattered on a forest floor. All that’s necessary is to open our eyes…which is what this collection inspires us to do.

Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images
Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images
Publisher: Lark Books; Standard Edition edition (March 1, 2011)
English | ISBN-10: 1600597920 | ISBN-13: 978-1600597923
180 Pages HQ PDF | 78 MB
  • In the clouds, the bark of a tree, a winking parking meter, mischievous machinery: faces seem to be everywhere, emerging from everyday items, nature, and chance compositions. Focus: Found Faces celebrates the humor--and humanity--of encountering familiar features in unexpected places. Shot by everyday photographers, these delightfully surprising images convey a sense of joy, discovery, and magic.

Focus: Passages: Your World, Your Images
Focus: Passages: Your World, Your Images
Publisher: Lark Crafts (October 5, 2010) | Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600596800 | ISBN-13: 978-1600596803
180 Pages HQ PDF File | 87 MB
  • Just look closely-and creative doors will open! This second book in the successful FOCUS series unlocks a doorway to the imagination, with a collection of approximately 250 photographs of passages of all kinds, captured by amateur photographers. Doors are rich in meaning: they literally allow us to move from one place to the other, but also symbolize temptation, invitation, separation, and mystery. For these reasons, as well as their physical beauty, photographers have found them irresistible. From a graffiti-scrawled urban door and an aged barn door to an elegant glass door glowing with dappled light and a curious circular door set into an ivy-covered rock wall, these images redefine the ordinary…and shine a new light on the world.

Swarovski - Spektra 3D Lighting Model
3DMax 2008, VRay 1.5 + .3ds .obj, textures, materials, 21 MB

Asadal LemonTree - Digital Dream Utopia 2xAI
2 AI Files | RAR size: 7 MB

Trees on White Background
5 RGB JPG Images | <1800x1200 Pixels | 11 MB

Natalia Oreiro - Las Oreiro Spring/Summer 2012, Pin-Up

Natalia Oreiro - Las Oreiro Spring/Summer 2012, Pin-Up
11 SUHQ jpg Photoshoots up to 7216x5689 Pixels | 105 MB

  • Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias (born May 19, 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is a Latin Grammy-nominated Uruguayan singer, actress and fashion designer of Galician ancestry, who developed most of her career in Argentina. Natalia Oreiro began her career in soap operas. She has been included in Esquire magazine's "The Sexiest Woman Alive Atlas" list.

Funny Woodpecker Collection, EPS by iStockPhoto
iStock_000012743988illust.eps | 4 MB | RAR

Lisa's Botanicals - Full Collection of Plants for Daz3D

Lisa's Botanicals Collection | 67 models | RAR 402 MB

Fonts 2012, 616xTTFs

616 TTF & OpenType Premium Fonts 2012 Collection | Compressed to 132 MB

Signature Fonts 113xTTF

Signature Fonts
113 TTF | PNG Preview | 28 MB

Font Pack - Mega Collection
9480 Fonts | Compressed to 266 MB
  • This collection assembled 9480 different fonts (including a lot of business!) This set - the best way to find the universal font for all occasions or a special font for an elegant experimental project. "9480 Fonts Collection Pack" created specifically for designers, artists, aesthetes, publishers, advertisers, and just for those who have the font - a hobby.


Stock Layouts Design Collections Vol.1 & 2 - InDesign Broshures
Make a Brochure with Professional Templates. It’s easy, just download, edit and print!
INDD, EPS, JPG, PDF | 222 Mb | 54 Themes


My Baby Love Kit - Florjuscrap
My Baby Love Kit - Florjuscrap
A charming collection of scrap-Florjuscrap 
- 15 Papers  in. Jpg, 3600x3600, 300dpi
- 90 items in. Png, size variable, 300dpi
100 Units in Stock | 161 MB

Frameworks Collection 39xPSD

39 Multilayered PSD Files | 2480x3508 Pixels | RAR size: 1.9 GB


30 Multilayered UHQ PSD Files | 7854х4076 Pixels | RAR size:1.43 GB

Manning - Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 by Rob Crowther
"A user-friendly reference guide"
Manning Publications (October 2012) | ISBN: 1935182897 | PDF | 561 Pages | 19.3 MB
  • Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is written for the web designer or developer who wants a fast, example-oriented introduction to the new HTML and CSS features. This snappy, user-friendly, and fun guide will get you started right away. Whether you’re building web pages, mobile apps, or desktop apps, you need to learn HTML5 and CSS3. So why wait? Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is a smart, snappy, and fun way to get started now. In this example-rich guide to HTML5 and CSS3, you’ll start with a user-friendly introduction to HTML5 markup and then take a quick tour through forms, graphics, drag-and-drop, multimedia, and more. Next, you’ll explore CSS3, including new features like drop shadows, borders, colors, gradients, and backgrounds. Every step of the way, you’ll find hands-on examples, both large and small, to help you learn by doing.

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